23. Librarian. Ohio Snowbelt. Androgyne. Poly. Pan. Gender neutral pronouns.

Anonymous asked: You should know that I love you.

You should tell me who you are, but regardless I love you too! At least as much as an individual can love an anonymous deliverer of heartfelt messaged.

New chairs at the #library are fun and weird.
#yolo #haircut
#unlucky #shamrockshake

Thank goodness there is jazz in this bathroom so no one can hear my tears.

#Hilton #Chicago #spiders
The best part is that the truck is in the middle lane.

What did I used to do that I got layed all the time? I kind of miss having a lowered libido. Shit.

West Side Market #Cleveland

How to have conversations with people.

I was way more fun when I was 20. I am starting to get bitter already.

How to relax more.


destroy the belief that ‘gender neutral’ or ‘androgynous’ means dressing like a boy

destroy the belief that masculine is the default

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Danitra Vance was the first African-American woman to join the cast of Saturday Night Live when she came on as a repertory player in 1985. She was the first cast member with a learning disability, the first lesbian cast member (Kate McKinnon is actually just the first openly lesbian cast member) and SNL’s only black lesbian cast member ever.  (via 100 LGBTQ Black Women You Should Know: The Epic Black History Month Megapost

I feel stuck. Don’t you think there is a way to never feel stuck simply because we don’t really have anywhere to go.